Incorrect Location - Windows 11 - Prey 1.9.23

Installed Prey on a MS Surface Pro 8, Windows 11. Location as reported in Prey dashboard is significantly (250+ kms) off. Google maps always reports the correct location within 20 feet. I’ve tried disabling and enabling location services, either selection makes no difference in the Prey dashboard. Any suggestions?

Hey brandonjvetter!

Our newest version has a fix for that, so if you want, you can try it out. Let us know it this helps you!


Does that “new version” apply to the “Free” client as well? I just tried it on my Windows 10 computer using prey-windows-1.10.8-x64 and the same problem exists.

The really weird part is that I bought a brand new laptop that has never even been to that location and Prey still says it’s located there.

Hey Installer_ca,

I’m sorry for my late response. The solution is available for free users too, but if you are still having troubles with the location, you can post the result of this command here so we can help you out!

Open a CMD with administrator rights and then write this down:
netsh wlan show all

If you want, you can copy and paste the output here.

Have a nice day!


Still not working. Last location shown is over 2 years old. The system won’t let me upload the file.
Try this: Netsh.log

Hello cltorres, are you still here? Any updates or, more importantly, fixes?