Incorrect (old) location reported

  • Affected device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone):
    PC desktop and Apple Macbook Pro

  • Operating system (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, Fedora):
    Windows 11 and OSX Ventura 13.4.1

  • Part of Prey not working (Prey account, mobile app, a specific action or module, reports):

I have the latest version of Prey installed on two devices as above.
Both devices report correct location in google maps and apple maps.
However both devices report my location 6 months ago. They report my old street address. I now live 5 miles away but the location reporting, although says up to date and is repeatedly updated, says my devices are elsewhere.
I used a fixed/static IP on my ISP, but if I connect my Macbook to my phone hotspot it still reports location 5 miles away.

Does prey not work anymore? Is it defunct?

Myself and others have reported this repeatedly. I live in a completely different town/location now but Prey still says my computer is in my former home. Works fine for my Mobile devices but not for laptop or PC. I’ve kind of given up hope for Prey on anything but Smartphones.
I reported to Tech support and they acknowledged the issue. Suggested I move up to a paid account as it worked there. I said why would I pay for something you can’t even prove works?

yeah. little activity on this forum, no help from prey ‘support’. sounding like they don’t pay much attention to this app any more.

i was in a different city last week. It corrected for the city , and gave a location 2 miles incorrect.
and notifications aren’t working.

any suggestions for other options? win10 computers