Install Issues-Won't match matching passwords

Hi and thanks in advance for your kind help. Tried to install Prey. Initially, Prey would not install giving error message “Passwords not matching”. I carefully re-entered both passwords… Same message. Tried a different password. Now it accepts and opens account.

Tried to log in. Error Message “Invalid email/password combination”. Wrong, both are carefully entered, same as original account entry data. After several tries, carefully entered exactly the same as I entered, I hit “Forgot Password”. I entered my email. Opened email, clicked on the link. Entered new password and same on second password screen. Carefully noted new password.

Login attempt again: “Invalid username/password combination”. Ugh! Tried again with valid username/password pair. Same message. Tried again “Forgot Password”. Got the new link on my email. Clicked on the link. This time it takes me to the Login screen (not the password reset screen). Won’t accept the valid username/password pair.

At this point I uninstalled Prey as I was afraid that I would possibly be locked out of my laptop. Any ideas as to what is going on here?

Hi @TNorman, could you please send me an email to :slight_smile: Send me a screenshot of the issue and the email attached to your Prey account.
Please let me know,
Have a nice day!