Laptop suddenly undetectable to Prey

Have had Prey installed on my Windows 10 laptop since I purchased it ~3years ago. On June first I received an email that Prey had not seen my laptop, even though I was presently using said device. It now seems to detect my device only intermittently, as it currently shows it as offline while I am using it but records it as last seen about an hour ago.

I haven’t made any changes to the machine and I am still in the same location with the same wifi, but it’s possible Windows pushed through an update which may have caused the issue. I’m wondering if I need to reinstall, but since Prey doesn’t show up in Programs I’m not sure how to do a clean uninstall first, or whether uninstalling would cause any other issues I haven’t foreseen. I contacted help@preyproject and they requested some logs but then stopped responding. Any help would be greatly appreciated.