Location doesn't update

I try once in a while to see if Prey is working. I simply access my account from, say, my iPhone, then try to locate my iPad (which is usually with me). It. Never. Works! Yes, I’ll see the message on the iPad about the statement being ready, meaning that the Prey servers are in contact with the device, but the map on the iPhone does not/never updates. This is a long existent problem and despite having inquired a few times about it, a solution is not forthcoming.

It doesn’t work on Android 9 either. The last time the map updated was 09.Sep.2019

So what gives…? It’s a good thing that Apple has the Find My… feature. But considering that this is, like, their main selling point, it’s really incredible that it doesn’t work.

Hi, guys,

That doesn’t mean what you think it does. The message is triggered because Prey is not running on your iPhone, and that message is to lure whoever has it to tap on it, so the app can run again.

To make sure that Prey is running, tap on the Prey icon, and then hit your home button. Never kill the Prey process by swiping its window. Never. If you do, Prey won’t work and you’ll start getting those fake notifications.

Please make sure to have location services (GPS) enabled device-wide, allow Prey to access the location, and enable the app to run in the background. That will do the trick.

Ok, thanks for the reply, but a bit of clarification:

when you say it’s not running in my iPhone… I don’t know what you mean. It is running. It is from the iPhone that I check the iPad…

Why will the map on the iPhone not update?

I never swipe the app out… I do have preferences set as you’ve said.