Looking for technical answers about this product

I have been trying to evaluate this product and have tried countless times to reach anyone at PREY without success. The sales team are happy to send a quote but it seems not so happy to help me with some basic technical information regarding the functionality of this product.

I need to confirm that the ‘data wipe’ will completely rest the device to a fresh from factory image and remove all data / accounts from the device. There is some question regarding the removal of a ‘google account’ which may be used by an end user to set up the phone and then not removed when it is returned to us. When this occurs it is impossible to re-issue the device to another user without significant effort. I am hoping the Prey Software can resolve this issue.

I am not sure if there is an alternate contact for technical questions - if anyone can help it would be great.


Hi OprSysOps!

The wipe functionality deletes specific targeted folders (for instance, C:\Users\Jane\Documents or /Users/jane/Documents); it cannot target system files or folders nor does it fully restore the device to factory settings.

You can find further information about the wipe functionality in this help center article.

I hope this helped!