Make it work with Ubuntu 20.04

It won’t install as it depends on python-gtk2 that was removed from the repos.

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Hi… Download the new version from
And install it using this command:
sudo dpkg --ignore-depends=python,python-gtk2 -i prey_1.9.4_amd64.deb


I’ve installed it, but at the next apt update / upgrade I get:

$ sudo apt upgrade
Lettura elenco dei pacchetti… Fatto
Generazione albero delle dipendenze
Lettura informazioni sullo stato… Fatto
È utile eseguire “apt --fix-broken install” per correggere ciò.
I seguenti pacchetti hanno dipendenze non soddisfatte:
prey : Dipende: python-gtk2 ma non è installabile
E: Dipendenze non soddisfatte. Provare “apt --fix-broken install” senza pacchetti (o specificare una soluzione).

And I can’t upgrade anything on my system.
You should remove the dependency in the package for 20.04

I had to remove prey.

I checked this and you’re right… I just created another installer that you can download from here:
Then run sudo apt --fix-broken install and uninstall prey completely.
After you download the package install it again with sudo dpkg -i prey_1.9.4_u20_amd64.deb

That should work fine.
Let me know if that works well so I can formalize this solution.

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Same problem, here. Installed the version uploaded to dropbox. Installed with no problems, but on triggering gui config, it crashes.

Hi @lcv,

Could you please tell me how does it crashes? Also paste the terminal output here so I can see the error.


uh, wrong installer. With the dropbox one has worked again.
Thank you.

Dear Staff Member

If this method - the dpkg method - is the one to use, at least on certain popular distributions - then had you better not make that clear somewhere other than in this forum? Compare my unanswered post of two weeks ago, here.

Hi! I also have issues on Ubuntu 20.04… Using the package from Dropbox, installer runs ok with sudo dpkg --ignore-depends=python,python-gtk2 -i prey_1.9.4_u20_amd64.deb, but when I try to connect it, I get an error:

[email protected]:~/Downloads$ sudo /usr/lib/prey/current/bin/prey config panel
Firing up config panel!
A browser tab will now open and direct you to the device link process. If you encounter any issue please visit:

[email protected]:~/Downloads$ sudo /usr/lib/prey/current/bin/prey config gui
EXCEPTION! system is not defined
ReferenceError: system is not defined
    at show_and_exit (/usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/gui/index.js:27:19)
    at /usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/gui/index.js:64:7
    at Object.exports.verify_current (/usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/shared/keys.js:62:12)
    at show (/usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/gui/index.js:51:17)
    at exports.check_and_show (/usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/gui/index.js:69:12)
    at /usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/cli.js:54:7
    at Operetta.parse (/usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/utils/operetta.js:124:7)
    at Operetta.start (/usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/utils/operetta.js:165:14)
    at run (/usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/cli.js:53:11)
    at /usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/cli.js:62:7

No browser tab or GUI opens… Any assistance appreciated, thanks!

I am actually getting the same error as @urko99. Has anyone found a workaround?

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So this worked for me, starting from a clean environment (no previous good or bad prey dpkg installed package).

I could link it to my account and send alarms+messages from the web app to my computer.
I haven’t tried locking it though. And don’t know if the service will survive a lock-screen or restart.

mkdir -p ~/programs && cd ~/programs
# not this one
# wget
mv 'prey_1.9.4_u20_amd64.deb?dl=1' prey_1.9.4_u20_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg --install ./prey_1.*.deb
cd /usr/lib/prey
# search for `` or similar filenmae
find * -name '*.py'
# manually work this next line, based on the previous output,, andrun with sudo
sudo /usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/gui/linux/
# note: haven't tried with `versions/1.9.4/lib/conf/gui/linux/` though (missing 3 number), but I presume it requires `python-gtk2` and will eventually break in Ubuntu 20.20 (focal)

Hope it helps!

pd: if you need to fully uninstall a bad or old prey installation, this url might be of help:


Worked perfectly also on my machine, thanks!!!

Worked for me as well. Thanks a bunch!

Good information thanks for sharing