Prey cannot get the location of my device

  • Affected device: Smartphone (moto g5 plus)
  • Operating system : Android 10 ( custom ROM: Arrow OS)
  • Part of Prey not working: Only the location features

All the location features seem not working properly on my device. I installed Prey on my smartphone and then once I set up all the configuration settings I got an example on how Prey works. It took a photo from my cameras and the location of my device, only that time.
Now, when I try to use the location features from my computer on the Prey website I don’t get device location, indeed it keeps “waiting for location” and then it said “Unable to get device location”. Sometimes I get a pop-up message tells me that “device location started” but it keeps not working.
As I said when I just installed Prey the device location was working so I don’t know what’s wrong. All others features are working great (send message and device lock).

Thanks for your help!

Hi Ayon!

That sounds like an issue with the location services settings. Can you confirm if your location settings are set to high accuracy? You can check this article in our help center to guide you.

Yes! The location settings are set for high accuracy. I tried some other apps, such google maps or GPS tester, and the location is perfectly correct. I suppose the problem is that when I open the Prey app the location services, and I think also the camera functions, stop working. I do not know why, but it seems Prey tries to establish the location but suddenly stops. I checked if some apps are in conflict with Prey but I don’t find any problems.