Prey showing up on Chromebooks where it wasn't installed


We are new to Prey, and we recently imported about 250 Chromebooks into Prey. Most of these devices were loaned out to our students during the pandemic, so they are already off campus. Lately we have had a few students contact us saying that Prey is installed on their Chromebook. At first I would tell them that this is normal because we pushed it out to all of our college Chromebooks, but I have had several students now tell me that Prey is on their Personal Chromebook! How can this be? We did the import of our Chromebook devices with the Unattended Installation that had each device’s serial number on it, so Prey shouldn’t have been installed on any other device.

One thing to note, students at our school get an email address that is hosted by Gmail. I believe Prey is somehow attached to their email address because we have been told that if they have more than one profile on their personal Chromebook, Prey only shows up under their school email address. Did we do something wrong in the import of all of these devices? Can someone please help us figure out what is going on.

Thank you,