Problems with MS Surface / Windows 10

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Microsoft Surface Pro
Windows 10
Prey Account - Devices

Could you please describe the problem?

Hi, I have following problem:
We want to use Prey for our company and I’m testing this software. For the first I’m using the smalest version with 3 devices.
I installed the software on my first MS Surface and everything was fine. Message, lock … all good! Then I installed the software on a second MS Surface. Unfortunatelly the first device was gone! Just one device is in my account. Only a message about hardware modification “motherboard changed” is new. When I reinstall the software on the first device, the second is gone … everytime just the latest installation is in my device list.

What can I do? Is it a bug?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Before we are using this this tool and pay for it, it needs to be working correctly. As long as this problem hasn’t solved unfortunatelly we can not use preyproject.