RESOLVED - Cannot install Prey on windows 10 computer

Prey could not find my laptop after months of normal use. I uninstalled program from my computer, deleted the machine from Prey. Now I need to reinstall and cannot. Error message is : Something went wrong when installing Prey. Please make sure no other installations are ongoing. For more information see preyinstall.log file.

Hi @jerrypinskyboca, Could you please tell me in which device are you trying to install Prey? :slight_smile: Let me know, have a nice day :sunny:

Same HP notebook 17-X116DX . Named JerryPinsky Windows 10 64-bit

I have uninstalled old version, tried to install older version, tried every trick on Prey website and error message is same. I have copy of log file but do not know where to send it or what it means except where it says “installation failed”

Hi @jerrypinskyboca, Please check your DM :slight_smile:

I have already sent everything I have. I give up.
I do not know what a DM is.
I cannot install Prey on my PC, now your web site says my iPhone has not been located in 4 days and cannot be located. It is in my hand. It is on and on wifi. But it cannot be located.

I will be closing my Prey account tomorrow because it does not seem to work. I am pretty sure if I log on with the app on my phone Prey will find it. I doubt if someone who steals my phone or finds it if lost will do that for me.

Direct Messages, upper rigt corner :slight_smile: I need more information that’s why I sent you the message. I will be glad to help you with this problem! If you can’t find it, please send me the log and conf file to !

Thank you for your interest. I fixed it myself by going into Registry and deleting “prey” references. Then rebooted and tried to reinstall Prey. This time it worked perfectly.

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