RESOLVED - Phone can be turned off from Lock screen

  • Affected device Xperia XZ F8331
  • Operating system Android 8.0
  • Part of Prey not working Phone can be turned off from Lock screen

I can’t find an option to disable the “turn off” on the lock screen, and I think this is essential for a tracking app so that it can keep doing it!
I’ve been using Prey for years and I remember it used to have an option in its settings that did exactly what I’m asking, but I can’t find it anymore, I also tried it on an old phone and no luck, so I’m guessing there was an update that removed it, can’t understand why I would keep using Prey on my phone if it can be turned off so easily and that’s it, no more tracking…
I’m aware there are other ways to power off a phone from the lock screen e.g. holding the power button
but at least I would like to know how disable the obvious one :slight_smile:

You have illuminated a hole in my security, for which I thank you. When I saw your thread topic, I thought maybe you just couldn’t find it because I remember recently toggling it on and off.

So, I logged in, and sure enough, it’s gone. I also checked the desktop dashboard. So… I think you’re right. It’s no longer disabled on my lock screen, which I had been thinking it was. Going to request the re-addition of this feature.


Hi! We know you were missing our ‘Block the OFF Button’ on Android, so we wanted to let you know it’s BACK and better than ever! He took some weeks off because we were improving the tool and making it more robust, sorry for the delay :slight_smile:


Great! I was wondering why the pin, but it adds another layer of security :smiley: (Actually, I just remembered I had Smart Lock set in my phone, which lets me unblock it without asking for pin or pattern in certain locations)

I tried it and it works perfect, though after entering the pin, the Turn Off button started showing in the lock screen, but a minute later it stopped showing and asked for the pin again :+1::+1::+1:


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Hi guys,

i have a similar issue here with the ‘turnoff blocking’.

I can activate the ‘block the off button’ feature in the settings menu, but i’m still able to turn off the phone easily - it doesn’t ask for the PIN i choosed, not even after marked the phone as missing on my other device. (However, i assume the blocking fuction should work before marking a stolen phone ‘missing’ anyway.)

I can switch off the phone from the lock screen or having the power button pressed down for a few sec either. I tried the function using a ‘pair of phones’, such as a Honor10 and an Iphone5s.

(Sound alert / message functions worked well.)

Could somebody tell me what should i do differently?
Thanks in advance.