Unable to connect to database Windows 10

My laptop has been generating missing flags, so I have logged on with it to update location, which still gives me unable to connect. Have followed troubleshooting steps without success, so have re-installed software, but still unable to connect. From advanced help, when using an administrator command prompt to use the gui, I get a message relating to sudo - this is a linux command, and yet this is a W10 device?? “Seems you don’t have write permissions. Try running with sudo” Any help much appreciated.

Hi @Malcolm_Flux,

Could you try running this command: C:\Windows\Prey\current\bin\prey config panel
That should open a new tab in your browser, it should say if your device is already linked to the control panel or let you use your credential to set it up.

Let me know how it goes

Hi Javo, many thanks for your reply. After many re-installs and re-boots trying to find what was the cause, I managed to discover that the root of my problems was Kaspersky - as soon as I had disabled it, I was able to re-install and log back on with no problems. Hopefully now that Kaspersky is enabled again, I will not get more problems!! Cheers, Malcolm