Unable to delete devices from Prey

I’m using a free account and I need to delete two Macs from my account that are no longer relevant. I’ve done it several times before, but today, it won’t let me. When I click the device > Settings > Remove Device, it doesn’t give me a confirmation message and the Settings dropdown doesn’t go away. It just sits there and does nothing.
I’ve tried on Chrome, Safari, from a different computer, from my phone, from an incognito window, and it’s the same behavior across the board. Please help!


Yes I agree. Same with me. On Windows 10, latest EDGE and chrome was same issue. Cannot delete any device from Prey free. Please @preyadmins to assist.

I am facing the same issue too, please help

Hello there,

Could you please send us an email to help@preyproject.com?

I’ll be glad to assist you :slight_smile: