Why was my Android phone blocked for no reason?

Yesterday my Android phone got the message access denied and got locked, but I can’t find out why. I did not locke the phone myself, my account did not show the phone as locked and I could not unlock the phone with the PIN or password. I was eventually able to unlock by locking the phone through my web account and entering the password you get there. After that I deleted Prey from the phone but of course I would really love to use Prey.
So I hope someone can explain how this could happen so I can make sure it doesn’t happen again.
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+1 here, same thing happened to me twice in the past week, completely unsolicited device lock (with the message “this device was locked by it’s owner”), the default “preyrocks” pw won’t open it, only accessing the web panel and requesting a new device lock and setting a new (default or customised) unlock pw, that then would unlock it.
The original, unsolicited lock does not even appear in the device’s activity log.
Sadly I will be removing prey from my Android device as I don’t want to be locked out again, only able to reset it from my computer.

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Same thing happened to me twice. I am thankful that I thought that it might be a Prey issue. For a while I was a bit distraught. I know that my phone is out of memory. I am about to move lots of videos and music and I hope that helps stop that “bug.”

I opened up plenty of space. Locked screen has occurred again. Working from control page by toggling between lock device and unlock device is not working. When I start the process, the phone screen blinks. Then when unlocking, I receive message “Start lock device failed.”

Please help