Wrong location for my Windows 10 laptop


I am using Prey on my Windows 10 laptop but the location found by Prey is in the wrong city (4 miles of distance). The location is the right one on google maps, and I turned off Windows location. My version is 1.8.1, my computer model is X541UAK (from Asus) and my OS version is 10.0.17134. What do I need to do ? By the way, I live in France.

Hi @Voldago,
I’m sorry to read that! Please check your Direct Messages :slight_smile: I need more information to help you with this!

I have a similar problem. Windows 11. Just installed the latest version of Prey. Location does not update properly. It shows an old location from several months ago.

What can I do to fix this?

Same here: I am using Prey on my Windows 10 Laptop, but I am also using a VPN.

It’s the VPN that seems to be the problem… whilst I can use location services like Google Maps without any problem (it shows a correct location), Prey isn’t able to connect, yielding the error message:

“Enable WiFi connection to view location”

It is connected to WiFi, but through the VPN tunnel (which it sees, effectively, as the equivalent of a hardwired cable connection). So, whilst Chrome can pick up my actual location easily, Prey cannot.

Something for the Devs, there, I think!

[UPDATE] Prey seems to be able to pick up a location before the VPN kicks in… so although that means live tracking isn’t possible, it will give a location as it boots up.